Simulating Latency


API Simulator allows for configuring latency as a delay added to any network latency and request processing time.


Simulated Latency is a time interval added to the total response time that an API consumer would experience.

Fixed Delay

# Fixed delay uses two values - initial and subsequent
# times. Make them the same for a truly fixed latency.
# Do not change the name - it has to be "delay".
  is: fixedDelay
  timeUnit: milliseconds
  initial: 300
  subsequent: 100

Random Delay

# Uniformly distributed random value between min and max.
# Do not change the name - it has to be "delay".
  is: randomDelay
  timeUnit: milliseconds
  min: 50
  max: 150

The timeUnit can be any of the following case-insensitive values: nanoseconds, microseconds, milliseconds, and seconds.

Technically, minutes, hours, and days are also valid values but hopefully you’ll never be using anything more than few seconds ;-)

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Happy API Simulating!