API Client


API Client is a simple tool that reads raw HTTP requests from files and submits them to an API that is running on some host and port number.

This can be useful to test simulations in API Simulator and visually inspect the responses that come back.

Certainly, cURL can be used in a similar way. The advantage of API Client is that it works with the raw HTTP requests like those captured with the API Recorder tool and containing in a single file not just the HTTP body payload but also the HTTP request line and HTTP headers.

As of now, API Client works with the HTTP/1.x protocol, not HTTP/2. Long term the plan is to deprecate the API Client tool.

Command-line Options

These are the command-line options for API Client:

Option Description

-f <arg>

Fully qualified name of file containing the raw input to send to the API

-h <arg>

Host where the API runs

-p <arg>

Port number at which the API runs


Enables TLS/SSL connection, if this argument is present


Enables verbose output, if this argument is present


For examples demonstrating how to use the API Client tool, see the README.txt files in the various examples directories in the API Simulator distro.

We would love to hear your feedback - send us a quick email to [feedback at APISimulator.com]

Happy API Simulating!