API Simulation Modeler


The API Simulation Modeler is browser-based tool to help you create and configure API simulations.

How It Works

To create simulation simlets with the API Simulation Modeler, start with raw HTTP requests and responses captured by the API Recorder or build them online using simple forms. We have plans to support WSDL and API description formats like the one from the Open API Initiative (based on Swagger) to create HTTP request and response skeletons as basis for simlets.

Next, configure the simlets with the API Simulation Modeler in a visual way without writing code or configuration by hand.

Then download the whole API simulation packaged as a ZIP file and unzip it. That’s it - now just point the API Simulator to the directory of the new simulation to Get in Control of API Dependencies.

How to Get It

Head to the site hosting the beta.


Keep in mind that no state is currently saved on the server side. That means that you would lose any work in progress when you close the browser or navigate away from the API Simulation Modeler if you have not downloaded your simulation.

API Simulation Modeler is quite capable the way it is right now. Using it, one can model API simulations covering large variety of Use Cases. Nevertheless, we are working on extending its capabilities to make available even more of API Simulator’s configuration settings.

We would love to hear your feedback! Shoot us a quick email to [feedback at APISimulator.com] to let us know what you think.

Happy API Simulating!