Examples Intro


For simplicity, we will assume that API Simulatorâ„¢ is installed under the root directory. If the installation is in a different directory, please, adjust the directory paths accordingly.

The examples are for HTTP API Simulatorâ„¢ version 0.5.2. Adjust the version in the directory paths if you have a different version.

Below we use cURL to run the examples – a well-known command line tool for “…transferring data with URL syntax” (see https://curl.haxx.se/) over various protocols. It is usually included in many Linux distributions. You can download the latest version here, including for Windows. Please see the cURL documentation for a description of the command line arguments.

Another way to run the examples is by using the simple API Client tool distributed with API Simulator. Please see the README.txt file in the examples directory for more details.

Notice that double quotes surrounding API Simulator scripts arguments are required if directory paths and file names contain any spaces. Double quotes inside cURL command line arguments are escaped (\”).

Check out the simlet-config.xml and output.raw files in each simlet directory to understand what the simlets do and how they are configured.