The API Simulator™ downloads contain the full set of features for each edition. There are no limits on hosts/servers, environments, number of simulations, internal users, concurrent network connections, CPUs, CPU cores, virtual vs. physical, cloud or on premise, etc.

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Standalone HTTP API Simulator v1.0.0

Choose and download the file for your platform:

ZIP : sha256 = 3c11361108648ca4964fb35829c14d14ececcc5545b1e27cee15a97cda3aa630

TAR : sha256 = ee9188772fdf54f34f017a10ebda25d77178cb13bf60c90a8548fe137a1b46d3


Embedded HTTP API Simulator v1.0.0

JAR : sha256 = cd0a6f3d72ea631327bf3a7c0ff9fdd63d5ff3fef85c04468478c00d115b83eb



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