The API Simulatorâ„¢ downloads contain the full set of features for each edition. There are no limits on hosts/servers, environments, number of simulations, internal users, concurrent network connections, CPUs, CPU cores, virtual vs. physical, cloud or on premise, etc.

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Standalone HTTP API Simulator v1.1

Choose and download the file for your platform:

ZIP : sha256 = 9bc910c39f32435c6128f2b802cb77da345f808729c33ed57ab2cbb590848a6f

TAR : sha256 = 17721940fb8ae9f7c843d01cac9a4dd5bceb82bd63d09d458301bf762673553e


Embedded HTTP API Simulator v1.1

JAR : sha256 = 37ffe14546dd513bf1dab089d158a5f89f2cbc8b8e2a0ab0a903b4266e0aeb65



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