The API Simulator™ downloads contain the full set of features for each edition. There are no limits on hosts/servers, environments, number of simulations, internal users, concurrent network connections, CPUs, CPU cores, virtual vs. physical, cloud or on premise, etc.

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Standalone HTTP API Simulator v1.10-RC1

Choose and download the file for your platform (Mac users – choose the ZIP):

ZIP : sha256 = 5d00b7eef294dfdc470eb2f758b6bed2b99dbd947b2908897e1f5979ffc79f52

TAR : sha256 = 48d649629f562e52a58b19359e771a5d7afb5d9d00e1b3a2a41516b3182663f9

Embedded HTTP API Simulator v1.10-RC1

JAR : sha256 = 1e83209ac0124d33aeae9a1b2852bb7ea43662b256d8d8e020fab4abb591b68a

Version 1.10-RC1 Highlights

  • TLS versions 1.0, 1.1, and 1.3 are now always enabled in addition to the previously default 1.2. It will be up to a client which version to negotiate. Nowadays TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are considered insecure but there are still API servers that support them and clients that don’t “speak” 1.2 or 1.3.
  • Fix for a problem with the “not equals” matching operation.

Standalone HTTP API Simulator v1.9 (stable)

Choose and download the file for your platform (Mac users – choose the ZIP):

ZIP : sha256 = 6589aeb3f84f16892f65c03224f1e72ca100d9d1d8022cd6f10a37d10de3464a

TAR : sha256 = 9c6a6bd1ba3d3411dedb8db1c24ed3b52e85b880ae82fe56681bf6fa864b6b74

Embedded HTTP API Simulator v1.9 (stable)

JAR : sha256 = d7840046fd5dac792ab169d67015356ea8677e0e30863837925c5e74c5e0b960

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