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New Asciidoctor-authored Documentation Published

May 31, 2018   After the big milestone – the release of API Simulator 1.0.0 – we focused on the online documentation. The decision was to go with Asciidoctor. We really like the AsciiDoc syntax it uses that goes beyond the various Markdown variations as well as the available publishing toolchain. AsciiBinder currently provides templating, versioning, and bundling of the documentation. It will do for now after the workarounds we put in place and some post-processing… You have not to worry about any of that though – just enjoy the new navigation, better code highlighting, documentation versioning, and more. It […]

API Simulator 1.0.0 Release!

April 20, 2018   We are very pleased to announce the release of API Simulator version 1.0.0. What a milestone! API Simulator has certainly matured well beyond the point to give it the designation of version 1.0.0. Extensive list of features and ease of use with our intuitive YAML DSL (Domain-Specific Language) make API Simulator an indispensable tool for anyone’s toolbox to model and run API Simulations. Among the latest changes: Added eval for parameters. It allows for defining the final parameter value as result of evaluating a script expression. Now the sky is the limit when it comes to […]

API Simulator 0.9.0 Release

March 23, 2018   The v0.9.0 release introduces enhancements and additions to the YAML DSL (domain-specific language) for configuring simulation simlets for the Standalone API Simulator: CSV (comma-separated values) data as source for parameter values. The CSV data can come from files or be embedded in the simlet’s configuration. SQL data store (RDBMS) as source for parameter values. Lists as source for parameters. The parameter’s value can be the whole list, a sublist from randomly selected items, or a single randomly picked item from the list. This can be very handy as part of Test Data Management to construct dynamic […]

Introducing the Simula Template Engine

March 9, 2018   We have awesome news! API Simulator release 0.8.2 is out and it makes available the all-new Simula Template Engine for API simulations response templating. Modeling API Simulations and configuring dynamic responses using intuitive YAML DSL (Domain Specific Language) is now easier and more flexible than ever before. Simula Template Engine Simula takes a template and combines it with data values to produce HTTP response. Status code and reason, standard and custom header fields, text or binary body content – Simula can produce them all, dynamically. A Simula template consists of fragments. Some fragments do not change […]

It is here: YAML DSL for API Simulation Modeling

December 31, 2017   What a great way to end 2017! Modeling API Simulations via configuration for the Standalone API Simulator is now easier than ever with our new YAML-based DSL (Domain Specific Language). YAML has gained wide acceptance as the language of choice for configuration. Concise and expressive, our YAML DSL is easy to learn and start using in no time. Here is a small example demonstrating possible configuration for matching HTTP requests that have “GET” HTTP method, and a particular URI path and “Accept” header: matchers: – method: GET – where: UriPath equals: “/api/v2/products” – header: “Accept” contains: […]