API Simulator 1.10 Release

March 19, 2022 We are excited to announce API Simulator version 1.10! Changelog: Added support for mTLS (aka mutual TLS, two-way TLS, two-way SSL). If configured, API Simulator will require client authentication during the TLS/SSL handshake trusting either all client certificates or only those signed by specific Certificate Authorities (CAs). TLS versions 1.0, 1.1, and… Read More »API Simulator 1.10 Release

API Simulator 1.9 Release

April 19, 2021 We are excited to release API Simulator version 1.9! Changelog: Stateful API Simulations! While it was possible to fake stateful APIs before, that had some limitations. Now it is more flexible and you are in control. “Get Customer” requests that follow a “Create Customer” call will return the Customer that was created;… Read More »API Simulator 1.9 Release

API Simulator 1.8 Release

December 28, 2020   It is here: API Simulator version 1.8! New features (who said Admin APIs?) and internal improvements make API Simulator leaner and meaner tool for your toolbox: Brand new Admin APIs now make it possible to add, update, or delete a simlet without restarting the API Simulator, to delete all simlets, get… Read More »API Simulator 1.8 Release

API Simulator 1.7 Release

August 05, 2020   API Simulator version 1.7 is here! New features and improvements make API Simulator even better: Support for callbacks to simulate request/acknowledge/callback message exchange pattern. Callbacks can be HTTPS or HTTP requests over the HTTP/1.1 protocol, or over HTTP/2 using any one of the three methods to connect: TLS with ALPN (Application-Layer… Read More »API Simulator 1.7 Release

Spring Boot Auto-configuration for Embedded MongoDB with Support for Transactions

By using EmbeddedMongoAutoConfiguration in Spring Boot, it is possible to test your code against a live MongoDB instance that is started and stopped automatically. In version 4.0, MongoDB supports multi-document transactions on replica sets. As of now (circa June 2020), Spring Boot doesn’t have out of the box support for testing with embedded MongoDB that… Read More »Spring Boot Auto-configuration for Embedded MongoDB with Support for Transactions