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API Simulator 1.7 Release

August 05, 2020   API Simulator version 1.7 is here! New features and improvements make API Simulator even better: Support for callbacks to simulate request/acknowledge/callback message exchange pattern. Callbacks can be HTTPS or HTTP requests over the HTTP/1.1 protocol, or over HTTP/2 using any one of the three methods to connect: TLS with ALPN (Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation) extension, upgrade from HTTP/1.1, or prior-knowledge (aka direct). Departing from the YAML standard, API Simulator now supports backtick (`) surrounded text to make it easier for you to configure multi-line HTTP body and other text fields without having to indent their content. New […]

Spring Boot Auto-configuration for Embedded MongoDB with Support for Transactions

By using EmbeddedMongoAutoConfiguration in Spring Boot, it is possible to test your code against a live MongoDB instance that is started and stopped automatically. In version 4.0, MongoDB supports multi-document transactions on replica sets. As of now (circa June 2020), Spring Boot doesn’t have out of the box support for testing with embedded MongoDB that supports such transactions. Below is the source code for a class – EmbeddedMongoWithTransactionsConfig – that allows you to do just that: start a single embedded MongoDB instance and configure it to support transactions on a replica set. To use it, just enable the embedMongoWithTxns profile […]

API Simulator 1.6 Release

March 15, 2020   We are excited to announce API Simulator version 1.6! It brings new features that make API Simulator more powerful and easier to use than ever: The API Simulator’s DSL (Domain-Specific Language) now allows for modeling more than one possible response for the same simlet. Whereas before it was required to define new simlets for small variations of a request, it is now possible to have those variations configured in one simlet. Added support for Rate Limiting and configuring response for rate limited request. Added support for selecting a response based on Random Sampling to simulate a […]

API Simulator 1.5 Release – HTTP/2 Support is Here!

December 30, 2019   We are excited to announce API Simulator version 1.5 and the support for the HTTP/2 (HTTP2) protocol!!! After three release candidates, the official support for HTTP/2 is here. To our knowledge, API Simulator is the first free API simulation tool to offer HTTP/2 in a stable release – not just some beta or a roadmap item – for running HTTP API simulations. Moreover, the support for HTTP/2 includes all three ways to start an HTTP/2 connection: TLS with ALPN, prior-knowledge, and upgrade from HTTP/1.1.   Below is a brief recap of the HTTP/2 support in API […]

API Simulator 1.4 Release

August 18, 2019   We are excited to announce API Simulator version 1.4! Here is the scoop: Added support for single configuration file for multiple simlets. It gives you a choice – place each simlet in separate directory as before or all simlets in a single configuration file. This can be very handy for smaller simulations. Shorter matcher configuration is now possible when the operation is `equals` for uriPath and uriPathPattern (example: “uriPath: /favicon.ico”). Added ability to use a placeholder or scriptlet to return dynamically the HTTP status code for a templated response. Before it was required to create a […]