Monthly Archives: November 2016

Docker Container Image for API Simulator v0.3.0

November 27, 2016   Following the recently released v0.3.0 of API Simulator, we built, tested, and published a new version of API Simulator’s Docker container image. This time we based our image on the new official openjdk repository image for JRE 8 update 111, which itself contains the lightweight Alpine Linux. Please visit Docker Hub for more info on how to use the image.   Happy Simulations, The API Simulator Team

API Simulator 0.3.0 Release

November 19, 2016   The biggest feature in the release is the new support for external parameters. Previously, it was possible to configure and use default parameters and parameters extracted from the HTTP request. This release introduces the concept of parameters providers. Through providers, API Simulator now can use parameters from external data sources. This feature makes it even easier to model flexible API simulations by using elements of Test Data Management (TDM). The API Simulator distro includes support for parameters from CSV (comma-separated values) files and RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems). API Simulator loads CSV files into an in-memory […]