API Simulator 1.12 Release

July 08, 2024

Version 1.12 of API Simulator adds enhancements, bug fixes, and upgraded dependencies:

  • Enhancement: Ability for Parameter from SQL Data Store to return more than one element, if query returns more than one row. See also GitHub Issue #25.
  • Enhancement: Ability for Parameter from CSV Data Sources to return more than one element, if query returns more than one row. See also GitHub Issue #25.
  • Fix: Cyrillic characters in a template may cause incorrect response output.
  • Fix: Empty logs directory isn’t added to the distro bundle.
  • Fix: API Recorder log4j2 config – script element not enabled after log4j2 version upgrade. That was fixed in API Simulator 1.10 when log4j2 was upgraded.
  • Fix: The leaf directory name becomes simlet’s name when organizing simlets in directories but that leads to overwriting simlets from directories with the same name. See also GitHub Issue #23.
  • Enhancement: Log a warning when a simlet with a given name exists already and is overwritten. Previously, the logging level was “debug”.
  • Fix: Loading CSV data from the configuration of a simlet skips the first data row. Loading CSV data from an external file isn’t affected. See also GitHub Issue #21.
  • Upgraded Netty. The upgrade fixes a vulnerability in the HTTP/2 protocol known as “HTTP/2 Rapid Reset”.
  • Upgraded a good number of other dependencies: Log4j2, Groovy, Jackson, JsonPath…
  • Fix: slf4j-api is a transitive dependency. SLF4J 2.x uses ServiceLoader whereas earlier versions relied on a static binder mechanism to discover SLF4J providers. That caused a warning – “No SLF4J providers were found…” – to be logged.
  • API Simulator now also runs on Java 21.

The documentation was updated based on feedback from users (Thank you!) and with new examples for the enhancements and fixes.

We invite you to learn more about API Simulator, download and install it, and run the examples included in the download. Why not even create API simulations to help your own testing and development?

Let us know what you think at [contact at APISimulator.io]. Many thanks for your interest and support!

Happy API Simulating!