Monthly Archives: July 2016

API Simulator in Docker Container

July 12, 2016   Docker containers have gained a lot of popularity. Here is why API Simulator in a Docker container is a compelling combination, especially if your organization already uses Docker. A simple way to explain Docker is that it is a container technology for Linux that allows the packaging of an application and its dependencies from the OS (Operating System) and up into a single unit (called “image”), and to deploy and run them in isolation of other processes on the same host. This provides for consistency and speed in deploying the application on multiple hosts in the […]

API Simulator 0.2.1 Release

July 5, 2016   The previous release, v0.2.0 , introduced the API Recorder for HTTP. By acting as a man-in-the-middle between an API client and API provider, API Recorder captures the raw HTTP traffic between them and records it to files; the files then make it easier to model API simlets for existing APIs. This release adds to API Recorder support for router mode in addition to the already supported HTTP proxy mode and HTTP tunneling (HTTP CONNECT method) of TLS/SSL traffic. When running in router mode, API Recorder dispatches the incoming requests to a pre-configured remote host and port […]