Monthly Archives: January 2017

Docker Container Image for API Simulator v0.5.0

January 31, 2017   Following the recently released v0.5.0 of API Simulator, we built, tested, and published a new version of API Simulator’s Docker container image. The new Docker image creates a user group called (of course) apisimulator and adds a user named apisimulator to it. With proper change of file ownership also handled in the Docker image, that allows you to start the container and have API Simulator run as a user different than root. As before the image is based on the official openjdk repository image for JRE 8 update 111, which itself contains the lightweight Alpine Linux. […]

API Simulator 0.5.0 Release

January 29, 2017   API Simulator v0.5.0 Release Changes Enhanced and more precise request URI matching. Modified existing examples to use the new enhanced URI matching. Decoding the URI parts (e.g. ‘+’ to space, %HEX to actual UTF-8 character, etc.) now happens at the time of parsing the input instead of during parameter matching. Added out-of-the-box support for JSON, XML, and URL encoding of placeholder values. Defect fixes and internal refactorings. Below are a few details about the changes in this release.   Request URI matching was flexible before. For example, it supported URI path pattern matching. Matching a request […]