Monthly Archives: June 2016

API Simulator 0.2.0 Release

June 19, 2016   API Recorder for HTTP is the focus of this release. The API Recorder acts as a man-in-the-middle between the API client/consumer and API provider. It currently supports HTTP proxy mode and HTTP tunneling (HTTP CONNECT method) of TLS/SSL traffic. Gateway mode with URL mapping of the remote host and port will be included in a future release. API Recorder works by capturing all the raw HTTP traffic between the API consumer and API provider and recording it to files. Modeling API simlets is now easier using the recordings! A quick refresher – API Simulator does not […]

API Simulator 0.1.3 Release

June 2, 2016   We are proud to announce the release of version 0.1.3 of API Simulator. API Simulator 0.1.3 includes various enhancements and improvements. Notable changes since 0.1.2 are the configurable support for TLS/SSL and improved handling of HTTP “keep-alive” connections. API Simulator v0.1.3 Release Changes Various Netty channel handlers can now be inserted in the pipeline per simulation via configuration. Added configurable support for TLS/SSL using X.509 certificate chain and PKCS#8 private key in PEM format, run-time generated self-signed cert, or Java KeyStore in JKS Format. Refactored support for placeholder dependencies. The changes are backward compatible. Fixed a […]