Monthly Archives: November 2017

API Simulator 0.6.2 Release

November 14, 2017   The following features are now also available in the Embedded API Simulator. Simlet Matching Ranking Using matching ranking, the simulator attempts to match first simlets with higher rank then simlets with lower rank. The configuration property in the Standalone API Simulator was called “order” and now its name is “rank”. Latency Simulation Latency simulation helps with testing how an API client handles slow responses from an API. The latency added via configuration is a delay on top of any network latency and request processing time. It is to note that it is now possible to configure […]

API Simulator 0.6.1 Release

November 1, 2017    Embedded API Simulator is an indispensable tool for simulating API calls in tests or the calling of APIs that don’t exist yet. Few weeks back we released the Embedded API Simulator packed with features. Something that was missing was support for simulating API calls over HTTPS. This release adds to the Embedded API Simulator support for HTTPS via three different kinds of TLS configuration – X.509 certificate and private key in PEM format, run-time generated self-signed cert, or Java KeyStore (JKS). As result of refactoring within the API Simulator’s core, configuring TLS for HTTPS in the […]