API Simulator in Docker Container

July 12, 2016


Docker containers have gained a lot of popularity. Here is why API Simulator in a Docker container is a compelling combination, especially if your organization already uses Docker.

A simple way to explain Docker is that it is a container technology for Linux that allows the packaging of an application and its dependencies from the OS (Operating System) and up into a single unit (called “image”), and to deploy and run them in isolation of other processes on the same host. This provides for consistency and speed in deploying the application on multiple hosts in the same environment or across environments.

An API Simulator Docker container image includes:

  • A lightweight Linux distro – Alpine Linux.
  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE). For legal reasons we use OpenJDK and not Oracle JRE.
  • The API Simulator runtimes and examples.

That is all – API Simulator does not have any other dependencies beyond a JRE!

By using an API Simulator Docker image, you can quickly start and run API Simulator as a Docker container in local, dedicated, or shared environment without you having to install, configure, and maintain a JRE. Moreover, you know that the API Simulator has been tested to work with the JRE and Linux versions with which it is bundled.

Follow this link to visit the page of the recently published API Simulator image on Docker Hub.


Happy Simulations,
The API Simulator Team