API Simulator 0.2.0 Release

June 19, 2016


API Recorder for HTTP is the focus of this release.

The API Recorder acts as a man-in-the-middle between the API client/consumer and API provider. It currently supports HTTP proxy mode and HTTP tunneling (HTTP CONNECT method) of TLS/SSL traffic. Gateway mode with URL mapping of the remote host and port will be included in a future release.

API Recorder works by capturing all the raw HTTP traffic between the API consumer and API provider and recording it to files. Modeling API simlets is now easier using the recordings!

A quick refresher – API Simulator does not distinguish between SOAP over HTTP or REST web services. After all, the underlying protocol is HTTP and API Simulator models and simulates any web service API the same way.


API Simulator v0.2.0 Release Changes

  • API Recorder for HTTP.
  • Backward-compatible internal refactorings.


Stay tuned – we have some tooling in the works to help you model API simulations from traffic recordings. Send us an email to [feedback at APISimulator.com] and you can be among the first users to be notified when it becomes available.


We invite you to learn more about API Simulator, download and install it, and run the examples. Why not even create API simulations to help your own testing and development?

Let us know what you think at [feedback at APISimulator.com]. Many thanks for your interest and support!


Happy Simulations,
The API Simulator Team