API Simulator 0.5.1 Release

March 5, 2017


This release improves various aspects of working with API Simulator and running the example simulations.

API Simulator v0.5.1 Release Changes

  • Removed the separate startup and shutdown scripts for Linux and Windows. Now it is just one script – apisimulator/apisimulator.bat – with ‘start’ and ‘stop’ arguments.
  • Improvements to the apisimulator, apisimulator.bat, apiclient, and apiclient.bat scripts.
  • Improved handling of command line arguments for API Simulator.
  • Renamed the default raw output file for HTTP from output.raw to response.http.
  • Moved the test inputs for the example simulations from a separate ‘input’ sub-directory under ‘examples’ to a ‘tests’ sub-directory in the respective example simulation folders. We updated all README.txt files for the examples in the distro to reflect the change.
  • Added ability to specify logging configuration for the API Client.
  • Defect fixes and internal refactorings.

We invite you to learn more about API Simulator, download and install it, and run the examples. Why not even create API simulations to help your own testing and development?

Let us know what you think at [feedback at APISimulator.com]. Many thanks for your interest and support!


Happy Simulations!