Embedded HTTP API Simulator is Here!

October 7, 2017


You’ve asked and we delivered – embedded API Simulator you can start, stop, and use to simulate HTTP APIs from within your applications.


Built on the standalone API Simulator’s foundation, embedded API Simulator also offers an intuitive and simple to use Java DSL (Domain-Specific Language) for defining simulations and their simlets.

Your applications now don’t have to fake it that they are making calls to HTTP APIs. They actually will make those calls and will receive simulated responses from an always-available API Simulator running embedded in the same JVM alongside the applications.


Here is a tutorial to get you quickly up to speed on modeling and using simulations with the Embedded API Simulator.


We are busy working to get the Embedded API Simulator on par with the standalone edition in terms of supported features. Still, even today Embedded API Simulator is a perfect tool for applications under development and for tests to simulate calls to required APIs or APIs that don’t exist yet.


We invite you to learn more about API Simulator, download it and run the examples. Why not create API simulations to help your own testing and development?

Let us know what you think at [feedback at APISimulator.com]. Many thanks for your interest and support!


Happy Simulations!