API Simulator 1.1 Release

October 19, 2018


We are pleased to announce the release of API Simulator version 1.1.

The focus of the release is the introduction of JSONPath for matching elements of JSON-formatted HTTP body content; the XPath expressions for JSON are still supported.

JSONPath can be used in both the standalone and embedded API Simulator editions. The documentation has been updated accordingly.

With this release, we are dropping the PATCH part of the so-called “semantic versioning” notation (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH) when numbering releases. From now on API Simulator releases with use MAJOR.MINOR notation, where:

  • MAJOR version will change when there are incompatible API changes.
  • MINOR version will change when there is new functionality in a backwards-compatible manner and/or backwards-compatible bug fixes.

There are few other small changes and bug fixes in this release.


We invite you to learn more about API Simulator, download and install it, and run the examples included in the download. Why not even create API simulations to help your own testing and development?

Let us know what you think at [feedback at APISimulator.com]. Many thanks for your interest and support!


Happy API Simulating!